Friendship Park is more than just a park, it's a hub for sports and cultural activities for people of all ages and backgrounds. The park is a place where people can come together to enjoy various sports activities, including street workouts, skateboarding, and BMX. It also hosts various cultural events throughout the year, such as festivals and charity marathons.

One of the unique features of the park is its street workout platform. The platform allows people to come together to train and exercise, regardless of their age or gender. Additionally, the platform can also be used for therapeutic exercises for people who need them. The park is also home to a thriving skateboarding and BMX community, with master classes and demonstrations regularly held to encourage the younger generation to join this new culture.

Another popular event at Friendship Park is the night bike ride. Thematic Bicycle Nights are dedicated to certain historical, architectural, urban, literary, and environmental topics, combining sporty and cognitive elements with the pleasure of admiring the night landscape. This event unites all cultural institutions and urban spaces into a single sporting action, allowing participants to move around the points in any way they choose.

Finally, the park is home to the first charity marathon in Gyumri, which aims to restart sports activities in the city while also developing a culture of donations. The marathon starts and ends in Friendship Park and encourages runners to join a team of charity runners, adding value to their kilometers. This event unites the entire city into a single ecosystem and encourages residents to explore the park away from the city center.

We value the great asset of sport

Friendship Park is a unique and vibrant community hub that brings together sports, culture, and charity. It is a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together to enjoy various activities and events and to support each other in their pursuits.


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