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Welcome to the Friendship Park, a beautiful and green oasis located in the heart of Gyumri. At Friendship Park, we are committed to making a positive impact on our community and preserving the environment for future generations. Our CSR policy reflects our dedication to sustainability, job creation, community involvement and inclusivity in all the aspects.

We strongly believe that by giving back to the community we create a successful model of sustainable growth and cohesion which is essential in long-term development projects.  

Engagement with the local community is in the roots of the Friendship Park creation story. Increasing accessibility and being a good neighbour are two important parts of this.


One of the primary goals of the reconstruction process was to create new job opportunities for the people of Gyumri. We believe that by providing employment opportunities, we can contribute to the economic growth of the city and improve the lives of its residents. Our project has created new jobs for architects, builders, and park attendants, among others.


At Friendship Park, we place great importance on the preservation of the existing greenery. We have taken steps to plant new trees and shrubs while also ensuring that the trees and bushes that were already present in the park are protected. Our ultimate aim is to make Friendship Park the most beautiful and green space in Gyumri, a public sustainable green space which creates model for the city and what’s most important with the city.


In addition to our commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the park, we have also taken steps to ensure that it remains clean and healthy. Special garbage boxes have been placed throughout the park to collect different types of waste, which will be reused to keep the park clean and healthy for years to come. We believe that by reducing waste and implementing sustainable practices, we can contribute to a healthier planet.


Throughout the entire design process, the people of Gyumri have been involved in every step, and we have taken their memories and wishes into consideration. We believe that by working closely with the community, we have created a park that will be loved by children, elders, and tourists alike. We invite you to come and visit Friendship Park, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature, relax with your family and friends, and be part of a community committed to preserving the environment for future generations.


Another key principle of our approach is user comfort and inclusivity. We needed to ensure that every route, every object and every activity will be not just accessible but enjoyable for every visitor – regardless of age and physical abilities. With that, the principle of an inclusive environ­ment implies that no special places are set aside for visitors with special needs, but rather the entire park is equally accessible and comfortable for all visitors. Consequently, an environment is created where all users can harmoniously coexist and socialize.

Thank you for choosing Friendship Park, where we are dedicated to making a positive impact on our community and preserving the environment for future generations.