We offer a variety of exciting group excursions that cater to different interests and preferences. For art lovers, we have curated art routes of varying lengths and levels of involvement in Gyumri's art scene. These tours include trips to at least one artist's studio and cover locations on the city's art map, providing a unique perspective on the city's vibrant cultural scene. The art tours are available in Armenian, Russian and English.

For adventure seekers, we have a thrilling Shirak bike tour that takes you on a scenic journey through Gyumri's beautiful nature. This tour is accompanied by music that is generated along the way and interacts with the cyclist's space, making for a truly immersive experience.

Friendship park is also known for its annual winter festival, which takes place throughout the city. The festival is a joyful winter celebration for residents of the city and the Shirak region, featuring ice skating competitions, aeromodelling master classes, a Christmas market, and gastronomic activities. The festival is a great opportunity to showcase the largest ice rink in the region and encourages local tourism and investments in the city.

Our quest tour is an immersive performance that takes place in the secret corners of the city. Professional actors and the audience come together to create immersive shows based on famous Gyumri books, legends and anecdotes. During the performance, the audience has the chance to change the finale of their favorite works, making for a unique and personalized experience. The quest tour takes place in Friendship Park and in the city, unifying the entire city into a single ecosystem, bringing attention and vitality to city zones that may not have many attractions.

The new level of tourism and leasure

At our park, we strive to provide unique and exciting experiences that are suitable for all ages and interests. Our tours are available in Armenian, Russian and English, ensuring that language barriers are never an obstacle. Come and explore Gyumri with us and discover the hidden gems that make this city such a special place.


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