Friendship Park in Gyumri offers a variety of cultural events that engage both locals and tourists. The park hosts a Theater Festival, which is quickly becoming the city's main event. This festival brings together the art of Armenia's talented young people, showcasing the creative potential of a new generation and highlighting the possibilities of current and future theater. Participating theater companies come from Gyumri, Vanadzor, Yerevan, and other cities throughout Armenia. The festival's main goal is to stimulate young people's creative mobility, create motivation for theatrical risk and experimentation, and establish creative contacts. Teenagers from Teens Gyumri will act as headliners, and the event engages the entire city, activating local tourism and stimulating the inflow of investments.

In addition to the Theater Festival, Gyumri hosts an evening of "Visual Poetry" where actors speak without words, transforming poetic forms into physical ones. This unique event combines reading poetry in sign language with visual poetry in body language. Visitors can experience this beautiful form of poetry, which highlights the importance of non-verbal communication and expression.

Furthermore, there is a series of film screenings in an open-air cinema dedicated to art, music, and theater. These screenings showcase unique films with subtitles in Armenian, most of which have not been or will not be shown in the Armenian box office. The film program includes current film classics, festival novelties, cinematic experiments, and works by young Armenian directors making films about art and artists. Video works of the artists themselves are also presented, providing a unique glimpse into the formation of Armenian contemporary art. Some film screenings are accompanied by lectures and discussions, as well as meetings with directors and actors of Armenian cinema.

We support theatre traditions of the city

The cultural events in Friendship Park aim to bring people together and promote art, creativity, and cultural exchange. These events provide an opportunity for locals and tourists to experience the rich cultural heritage of Gyumri and Armenia as a whole.


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