The community management course offered by the park is designed to provide participants with new knowledge and skills to excel in their profession. The course focuses on teaching the technologies for promoting communities and building long-term relationships with community members to benefit the park organization. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide local residents with job opportunities in park administration while promoting their professional development.

During the course, participants will learn how to communicate effectively with the audience and monitor feedback from park visitors and area residents. They will also learn how to develop the park's potential to create temporary and long-term creative projects and establish a community of “friends of the park”. Additionally, the program will teach participants how to form software content for the organization with the help of communities.

We do for community

The community management course is an excellent opportunity for those interested in the field to gain new knowledge and immerse themselves in the profession. By participating in this program, individuals will develop the skills necessary to become successful community managers and make a positive impact in their local park organization.


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