Gyumri is a city renowned for its artistic heritage and active life in the art workshops. Thanks to the figures of individual enthusiastic artists who gathered students around them, separate trends in Armenian art were created, forming the artistic landscape of the city. However, many of these master figures were not celebrated through retrospective exhibitions of their work. The park seeks to correct this by holding personal exhibitions of master figures in the multifunctional pavilion for a month. This provides a platform to showcase their work and celebrate their contribution to Armenian art.

Traditionally, Museum Night involves museums, exhibition spaces, and art galleries. However, this time the park takes center stage in organizing a celebration of the unity of culture and art for residents of the country. Works from distant regions are made accessible for high-quality viewing through showings from one work to a full exhibition in the site's exhibition pavilion for a month. All functional areas of the park and their operators prepare one event especially for the Night of Museums, further enriching the cultural experience.

Gyumri is also known as the capital of the first international biennale of contemporary art in Armenia and the city that hosted the first triennial of contemporary art. The park plays a crucial role in preserving the existing artistic heritage and supporting the active life in the art workshops of the city. The park's multifunctional pavilion and personal exhibitions of master figures serve as a vital platform to showcase the city's rich cultural heritage.

Park promotes the culture of Gyumri

At the Friendship Park, we strive to create a space that celebrates the unity of culture and art. Our commitment to providing a platform for emerging and established artists ensures that we continue to be at the forefront of promoting Armenian art. Visit us and discover the hidden gems of Gyumri's artistic landscape.


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